IRIS self-service requests

IRIS self-service requests

The following requests can be submitted to the IRIS Support Team using self-service requests. Some requests will require approval from your area or divisional safety officer:

Self-service request Purpose Requires Area/Divisional Safety Officer approval?
IRIS user account
  • Request a new IRIS user account for a safety officer
  • Request changes to an existing IRIS user account
  • Request an IRIS user account be removed
IRIS add/amend/remove a department
  • Request a new department be created on IRIS
  • Request changes to an existing department on IRIS
  • Request a department be archived on IRIS
IRIS add/amend/remove a building
  • Request a new building be added to IRIS
  • Request changes to an existing building on IRIS
  • Request a building be archived on IRIS
IRIS reassign incident
  • Request an incident on IRIS be reassigned to a different department
IRIS edit incident details
  • Request changes be made to the details entered on an existing IRIS incident


IRIS self-service requests

IRIS system updates

The following updates to the IRIS system have taken place or are due to take place:

Date Update details Status
08/02/2021 Update to the look and feel of the system in line with University branding. Completed
08/03/2021 Support model update. Self-service requests launched. First point of contact for other support requests moved to the IT Service Desk.


01/04/2021 Update to the Reportable Classification/RIDDOR workflow. Completed
13/04/2021 Microsoft Azure infrastructure upgrade. System unavailable from 1pm - 6pm. Completed
01/12/2021 Assigning actions via the workflow box functionality removed. This leaves assigning actions via an email address as the sole method of assigning actions and reduce confusion between the two methods. Completed

Improvements to workflows to tackle usability and compliance issues - see IRIS Change Notes for full details:

  1. Relocation of the Reportable Classification field from the Incident Reporting Form to the DSO Review
  2. Changes to the Incident Classification section of the Incident Reporting Form
  3. Ability to re-send email notifications for actions
  4. Changes to the Risk Assessment sections on both the DSO Review and Investigation screens

Changes to navigation and look and feel of the system - see IRIS Change Notes for full details:

  1. New 'Edit' pencil icon allowing users to bypass summary screens
  2. Relocation of action buttons on the screen
  3. Enhancements to action button design
  4. Responsive scrolling navigation
  5. "Back to Search" button


Report an incident on IRIS

Report an incident


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