EveryDaySafe is the result of a comprehensive two-year review of how we manage health and safety. Its overarching goal is to achieve an action-oriented safety culture that reflects the University's position as a world leader in research and teaching. That means everyone feeling confident about the safety of their working environment and taking the right action to keep themselves and others safe.

We want everyone to become good safety citizens – working together to make sure everyone in our community is safe, wherever we work and whatever we do. Have a look through the checklists of actions, both as an individual member of staff and as a manager or supervisor if you are responsible for others, that you can take to make every day safe.

The changes we are making through the EveryDaySafe programme focus on improving leadership, engagement, competency, networking, reporting and systems. Importantly, our staff will be directly involved in creating the changes needed to improve our safety culture.

Safety Network Conference 2024

The inaugural Safety Network Conference, which took place on 12 March 2024, provided an opportunity for more than 150 safety colleagues to meet, share experiences and gain information and support.

All of the resources have been made available for you to recap on the Conference, especially if you were unable to attend this time. This includes recordings of all seven sessions which took place in the lecture theatres, links to videos from both the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar which were shown during the welcome presentation, and reflections on the Conference from Professor Martin Maiden, Co-chair of the Safety Executive Group.

You can also view the slides and outputs from the various workshops, links to the information stand holders' websites, more in-depth delegate feedback, and a photo montage of the day's events. Please help us to build on the exciting momentum that the Conference has generated by sending us your ideas for follow-up actions.

Access the Conference resources

Be Fire Aware

Be Fire Aware banner with the text reading: 'Prevent fires... Don't overload cables. Keep spaces clutter free. Keep fire doors closed.'

This is the message of our latest campaign aimed at encouraging practical, everyday action by staff across the University. The topic is: Be Fire Aware. Look out for posters in and around your department, and information, animations and videos in your local staff newsletters, social media and intranets.

Watch Caroline Taylor, University Fire Officer, and Betty Maciorowska, Assistant University Fire Officer, provide simple fire safety dos and don'ts that all University members should follow. Have a go at our latest EveryDaySafe quiz, which will test your knowledge on fire prevention, actions to take during a fire, and general fire safety trivia.

Also, why not protect your colleagues in the event of a fire and volunteer to be a fire warden? Find out more about what this entails, and how it will benefit you.

A communications pack and materials are available for departments’ use to promote the campaign. You can access this via the UAS Comms SharePoint folder.

Find out about what fire precautions you should take in the workplace 

Previous campaigns

Safety signs banner conveying the message Look, Learn, Act

Be Fire Aware is the latest in a series of campaigns focusing on key safety topics. It remains imperative that you take on board the practical, everyday action encouraged by our previous campaign: know your safety signs.

Watch Dr Chris Williams, University Safety Officer, provide a short, fun, informal explanation of the four types of safety signs you can find in different spaces around the University. Don't forget to attempt the accompanying quiz, which will test your knowledge on different types and examples of safety signs and why they’re important in the workplace, along with some signs trivia.

EveryDaySafe values

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There are five values underpinning EveryDaySafe: success, responsibility, action, learning and leadership. Watch the video from Safety Executive Group co-chair, Martin Maiden to learn more. You can still enter our EveryDaySafe values quiz to try your hand at answering our ten questions about safety – it’s a fun way of finding out some things about safety that might surprise you.

What do we actually mean by safety?

When we talk about safety, we mean physical health and safety and environmental compliance  ̶  for example making sure that we prevent leaks from our buildings into water systems which then present a risk to health.

Environmental sustainability, mental and occupational health are not part of the EveryDaySafe programme. You can find more information about these in the related links section on the right-hand side of this page.