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EveryDaySafe is the result of a comprehensive two-year review of how we manage health and safety. Its overarching goal is to achieve an action-oriented safety culture that reflects the University's position as a world leader in research and teaching. That means everyone feeling confident about the safety of their working environment and taking the right action to keep themselves and others safe.

We want everyone to become good safety citizens – working together to make sure everyone in our community is safe, wherever we work and whatever we do.

The changes we plan to make through the EveryDaySafe programme will focus on improving leadership, engagement, competency, networking, reporting and systems. Importantly, our staff will be directly involved in creating the changes needed to improve our safety culture.

Professional Services Conference – three questions

Find out how you can win a prize for sending us your feedback about three questions we asked visitors to the EveryDaySafe stand.

Your questions answered

In May 2022 we invited University staff to join an Open Forum about the EveryDaySafe programme. The theme was ‘towards a new safety culture’. You can see our answers to the full range of questions that people asked, including those we didn't have time for at the event.

What do we actually mean by safety?

When we talk about safety, we mean physical health and safety and environmental compliance  ̶  for example making sure that we prevent leaks from our buildings into water systems which then present a risk to health.

Environmental sustainability, mental and occupational health are not part of the EveryDaySafe programme. You can find more information about these in the related links section on the right-hand side of this page.