Higher Education Management Standard

The 2023 Management Standard for Leadership and Management of Health and Safety in Higher Education Institutions, published by the Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA), sets out what all managers and supervisors need to do and how to do it to ensure the safety of their colleagues.

Watch the Vice-Chancellor's video below where she emphasises the legal responsibilities and behaviours required of leaders and managers across the University to prioritise safety. Her message is a reminder of the continuing imperative of following existing University Health and Safety Policy. She also reinforces the principle that those who create risks must manage them, as set out in the Standard:


The Universities Safety and Health Association Management Standard: A Message From VC Irene Tracey



The Standard's key points are highlighted in a separate video, also endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor. Professor Martin Maiden, Co-chair of the Safety Executive Group, and Les Wright, Director of Occupational Health & Safety, explain the Standard in greater detail and how it applies to the University of Oxford's management of health and safety:


EveryDaySafe in conversation: Higher Education Management Standard


The requirements of the Standard (found below) are integral to the University's H&S policy. Everyone in a leadership, management or supervisory role needs to familiarise themselves with the Standard to understand their legal and practical responsibilities and actively engage in health and safety.

Once you have read the Standard and viewed the videos, please complete the accompanying quiz to test your knowledge and understanding.

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