Vision, mission and values

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Our vision


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To establish and maintain a communal safety culture that reflects the University’s world-wide reputation for teaching and research and its democratic and inclusive values

– Professor Patrick Grant, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), Chair Health & Safety Review 2020-21


Our mission


To provide the leadership, training, and resources required to create and sustain a community of good safety citizens who are action-oriented and committed to individual and collective responsibility that keeps themselves and those around them safe and legally compliant.

– Professor Martin Maiden, Safety Executive Group co-chair 

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Our values

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Good safety citizens recognise that safety is critical to the success of their team and the wider University

Make safety part of your everyday, so you can play your part in ensuring our safety standards match our world-leading status. And by doing things in a safe way, you’ll be able to do them better – including pushing research boundaries, reducing time wasted correcting mistakes, and providing a comfortable environment for colleagues, students and visitors.

EveryDaySafe poster highlighting the value of responsibility

Good safety citizens accept their individual and collective responsibilities for keeping themselves and others safe

Know what your individual safety responsibilities are and commit to fulfilling them. Be willing to raise concerns and challenge the safety behaviour of others. Recognise the wider importance of both good and poor safety practices, for your team, department and the University, including our students and visitors.

EveryDaySafe poster highlighting the value of action

Good safety citizens continuously consider the safety implications of their behaviour and take appropriate action to ensure a safe working environment

Make safety central to how you go about your everyday work so that taking action when it's needed becomes second nature. Your actions must follow guidance from your department but might require you to make a personal judgement and take ownership – if you see something unsafe – intervene, don’t walk on by.

EveryDaySafe poster highlighting the value of learning

Good safety citizens are committed to continual learning to maintain safety and legal compliance

Be willing to ask questions about safety, recognise gaps in your own knowledge and skills and refresh them regularly. If there’s something you don’t know, ask for advice and training and be sure to put what you learn into practice.

EveryDaySafe poster highlighting the value of leadership

Good safety citizens provide active and visible safety leadership and regularly consult their colleagues to ensure continuous improvement

Everyone can be a leader by example, even in small ways such as following the correct safety procedures and telling someone if you see anything that you think is unsafe. If you manage or supervise others, it’s even more important to show active and visible safety leadership.