Incident investigation

Incident investigations are an important part of health and safety management. They enable us to find the immediate and underlying causes of accidents and incidents. This helps identify actions that will prevent reoccurrence. They are not intended to apportion blame.

This university policy statement outlines the requirements for incident investigations and details the following:

  • incident investigations can be carried out by departmental safety personnel or other relevant staff with the help of area/divisional safety officers where required
  • it should be remembered not to disturb the scene of the incident except to deal with continuing risk to people or property
  • for more serious incidents the University Safety Office may undertake joint or additional investigations eg where an incident has been reported to the HSE
  • the University Safety Office will also investigate reports of occupational ill health where it is suggested there has been a deficiency in control measures
  • in cases where the HSE investigate, the Safety Office will make all necessary arrangements